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Stingers Facility rules

  • No player will play unless they have a valid, properly signed and dated waiver

  • Players are not permitted to bring paint from outside of the facility

  • Mask or safety goggles will be worn at all times

  • Do not shoot close range

  • No shooting anywhere outside of the playing arena

  • No physical contact, physical abuse or intimidation

  • No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, slurs will not be tolerated

  • Any physical abuse of any guest or employee will result in immediate ejection from the premises

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on the property

  • No bunkering

  • Do not attempt to tamper with or remove components from the rental equipment

  • Referee decisions are final

  • Players will not be allowed to argue with the referee

  • Calls are final and may only be discussed at the end of the game

  • Violation could result in ejection

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